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What does yearning for Jewish safety smell like? How do I feel my forbears’ lack of it in my bones? What does it look like to carry it today in the beds of my fingernails, to pull it out of my family life, my psyche, and wrestle with it  in an externalized form? To help myself heal, I interrogate the edges of my comfort zone and the way intergenerational trauma manifests in my anxiety. Through adaptations of traditional Jewish ritual, organic materials that speak to my body, anxiety, and family history (Hungarian paprika, gum, walnuts, cherry pits) I probe the binaries of safety/discomfort, paranoia/cautiousness, and what it means to be complicit. I take a multidisciplinary approach, spanning performance, installation, painting, and stained glass, among other mediums, often working with an anthropological lens.

I graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, where I studied Anthropology, Visual Art, and Chinese Language and Culture. From 2016-2017, my practice was based in Xinjiang, China. From 2017-2019 I was based in Beijing. Since 2020 I have been based in Brooklyn, New York.

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